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Nokia CC-1020 Cyan Blue N9 Soft Cover

November 28, 2012

My N9 is slowly approaching the first full year of daily usage with me and I noticed that, since the N9 almost completely disappeared from the store shelves, their colorful soft covers have dropped their price, probably because at this point the stores want to get rid of the remaining stock.

You can still find them for sale in online retailers like Expansys for around €16 but I found one last cyan blue soft cover for sale in a local Nokia store for €13,90 and I couldn’t resist bring it home with me.

Inside the box, besides the soft cover, there’s just a short manual with pictures explaining how to put the cover on.

The pictures don’t make justice to how great the cover looks, probably because I used my iPad 2 camera to take them.

One can only notice that the phone is black because of the black microUSB door at the top and the black speaker at the bottom, otherwise the phone is completely covered in blue except, of course, the touchscreen.

The Nokia N9 soft covers don’t make the phone much thicker and allow the user to change the phone looks providing an extra protection against drops and wear.