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Nokia N9 paid apps: FM Radio (v1.1.3 update)

August 21, 2012

The FM Radio app was one of the first apps I’ve bought for the N9 and that I posted about in this blog.

Since my first post about this app, there were several updates and the app has evolved significantly with a major new UI theme and some important new features such as RDS support.

From version 1.1.2 onwards, there’s another new useful feature: FM broadcast recording.

In the meantime new language translations were added, one of them is my mother tongue: Portuguese!

Since FM Radio has changed significantly since my first video, I’ve made a new one that reflects its current look and feel.


Nokia N9 paid apps: FM Radio

April 15, 2012

One thing not every N9 owner know about the device is that it has the necessary hardware to receive FM radio.

Although Nokia itself does not provide any app to use the FM receiver (that apparently comes with the Bluetooth chip), some third party developers made some FM radio apps available on the Nokia Store.

Most of them (if not all) are paid, so I chose one and bought it at the store (with carrier billing!).

The name of the app is actually quite obvious: FM Radio by Andrey Kozhanov

It costs €2 (same price most N9 apps cost these days…) but in my opinion is well worth the money if you plan to use your N9 built-in tuner capability.

The only feature I miss is RDS support but I’ve read somewhere on the web that this feature is (hopefully) planned for a future application update.


  • It is possible to store up to twelve favorite radio stations (and not six as said in the video), swiping at the bottom of the UI shows six additional memory positions as you can see in the picture.

  • RDS support is indeed available from version 0.2.0 onwards, which will soon be released to the Nokia Store as a free update to current users.

Thanks Dmitry for the tips!


  • The app was updated to version 0.2.2 but I had problems updating it through the Nokia Store. The app is now currently available in version 1.0.1 and I was able to install it successfully.
  • The new version brings RDS and a brand new dark, very N9-ish, UI that looks great on the N9’s clear black display!