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Is the Nokia N9 a missed opportunity?

December 15, 2011

After playing with it for a little while the answer became obvious to me: yes, it is!

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Windows Phone 7 and understand Stephen Elop’s decision to support it, but in the end, killing MeeGo seems to me now as a really bad move by Nokia’s CEO.

Giving up on Symbian was an expected decision he had to make, since it seems the old mobile OS was going nowhere, but MeeGo/Harmattan is a truly beautiful, well-designed, simple, modern OS that I believe is able to offer a great user-experience.

I’ve recently found myself looking at the gorgeous Nokia N9 at a local FNAC store, and the sales rep noticed that and asked me if I wanted to play with the phone and see a demo of some of the features of the N9.

What happened next was probably the best sales pitch I’ve ever experienced…

She showed me the seamless pairing with the NFC speakers Nokia also sells, and let me try the phone, take some pictures, play some games like Angry Birds, hear some music, browse the web and experience the great build quality the phone has.

At the end of the demo and after playing with it for some minutes she gave me a small gift and I was left with only one question in my mind: Why did Elop kill MeeGo?

The OS appears to be amazing and would have been an awesome plan B for Nokia, at least keeping it alive in a couple of devices just in case things go wrong with the Windows Phone plan, just like Samsung does, keeping some Bada phones in the market besides selling Androids and Windows Phones.

This is where I believe Nokia missed the opportunity: when they finally got a competitive mobile OS they just dumped it and went for Windows Phone, missing the opportunity of controlling both the hardware and the software, like Apple does successfully and Nokia always did.

I also hope to see more of the same commitment from the sales reps selling other future Nokias (like the Lumias) when they arrive at my country!