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My thoughts about the new iPhone 5

September 12, 2012

Apple just announced the new iPhone!

While it is, as expected, a great device, I believe it lacks some new killer feature:

  • When the original iPhone was launched, everybody was amazed with the touchscreen-only design, with a capacitive multitouch display and a smooth OS
  • The iPhone 3G came with the AppStore, and everybody was impressed with how much useful and cool apps one can run on a phone
  • Then the iPhone 3GS brought an entire new CPU with much faster speed and important missing features like copy and paste or MMS support
  • The iPhone 4 was all about the display: the high resolution Retina was awesome!
  • The iPhone 4S, much like the 3GS, just improved over the previous version but nevertheless brought Siri, the first really useful voice assistant

Now we have the iPhone 5: it’s better than the previous iPhone but appears to not have one single new feature that I haven’t seen before on competitor’s phones!

I was hoping for a “one more thing” moment where they would present something like:

  • NFC
  • Wireless charging
  • A new touchscreen that can be operated with mittens or gloves

But all of this was presented last week by Nokia, not Apple! And it used to be Apple to come up with some truly amazing new tricks!

Panorama photos or being able to take a snap while recording a movie is not innovation: it’s just something that the competition has been doing for quite a while (e.g.: Galaxy S3)…

In the end, and despite all the above, the iPhone 5 will be a huge success! People will line up at the stores and buy the iPhone, no matter the price, no matter the innovative features it doesn’t have. And buyers will be happy with it because it happens to be a great phone, it’s just not a revolutionary one!