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Nokia N9 paid apps: fMobi

August 6, 2012

fMobi is a third party Facebook app for Nokia phones made by JiiKoo for Symbian devices, and, since last year, for MeeGo Harmattan too!

The stock Facebook app that the N9 ships with is quite useful but unfortunately lacks some of the more “advanced” features like search and support for Groups one might have joined and Pages that the user might have liked or subscribed.

The standard Facebook app also has another shortcoming: it does not show all the notifications, especially when they are related to Facebook own apps or invitations to like some Page or join some Group.

I only have tow complaints about it:

  • It appears to hang briefly on startup
  • The chat functionality does not appear to work as well as the N9 own Facebook chat implementation

Other than that, I do really recommend buying this app to all Facebook power-users (and regular users too) that are missing some of the features the native app lacks.

You can find fMobi at the Nokia Store for €2.