Nokia Store app

I’ve recently discovered Nokia App Wizard, a free service provided by Nokia that allows you to create, in about four simple steps, an RSS app and publish it at the Nokia Store (known before as Ovi Store).

I’ve tried the service and it’s really as they say: if you have a blog or a website with a RSS feed and want Nokia phone users to be able to read it in a simple app, you can make it in less than ten minutes, which is awesome!

After the review and approval process (that can take a couple of days to complete), the RSS app is then published at the Store in different versions compatible with the different platforms Nokia uses, such as Symbian, Maemo/MeeGo, S40 and even for Java ME devices. The service builds the app with Qt, a framework that allows the building of cross-platform apps.

Unfortunately, the recently adopted Windows Phone platform is not supported and my suspicion is it will never be, because the Windows Phone Marketplace is essentially owned by Microsoft and I believe Qt framework is not compatible with Windows Phone. I wonder if Microsoft is going to come up with a service like this in the future, though! It would certainly help to populate the Marketplace at a faster pace, although I don’t know if this kind of RSS app is really important for an app ecosystem.

Anyway, I really like the final result, it’s really easy to find the app at the Nokia Store and install install it on the device, and the app itself (that in fact is a WRT widget in the S60 platform) actually looks nice and works well, as you can see in the video below.

Nokia also offers the possibility to create some banners that allow you to promote nicely your app at your website or blog.

In the end, I really like the effort Nokia put into this and I believe it’s worth a try, so, if you have a Nokia phone, go ahead and click the banner below!

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