Nokia BH-110 Bluetooth headset

I recently shopped around for a cheap Bluetooth headset and I found Vodafone sells the Nokia BH-110 for just €10 in exchange for some points of the customer loyalty program.

I’ve recorded a short unboxing video you can see below.

Besides having a neat price, the Nokia BH-110 is very easy to use, with a single button operation:

  • Short press lets the user accept or reject an incoming call
  • Long press (about 2 seconds) activates the phone’s voice dialing feature (if it has one!)
  • Very long press turns the device on or off and, of course, serves for pairing purposes

The microphone is very sensitive, which means that in silent places whispering a conversation is loud enough and in crowded places there’s no need to yell to make the message go through.

The earphone is just loud enough but the sound quality is not that impressive, but if you bear in mind the really low price point this model is sold at, it shouldn’t disappoint most customers.

The BH-110 packs inside a long-lasting battery that offers half a dozen hours of conversations and there’s also a small LED on top of the headset that blinks green or red to let the user know if it’s turning on or off, if there’s an incoming call, etc.

When you hear the low-battery warning, you can keep talking for around half an hour, give or take.

One last thing I have to mention is the fact that when receiving a call, you hear through the earpiece the good old Nokia tune: nice touch!


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