Unlock all Angry Birds with Magic NFC levels

Some new Nokia smartphones, such as the N9, come with Angry Birds with Magic preloaded in the device for free.

I’m an Angry Birds enthusiast for a long time and one of those guys who has to achieve 3 stars in every level.

Angry Birds with Magic only packs a few well-known levels and most of them are locked, so you have to use the phone’s NFC capability to unlock it by pairing two NFC-capable devices with the same game.

While the whole idea is pretty cool, with the huge success of iOS and Android, it may be difficult for some Nokia users like me to actually find another Nokia NFC-enabled device to unlock 15 levels, since only 5 come originally unlocked.

I read somewhere that modern electronic passports can actually be detected by the N9 NFC chip since it uses the same type of RFID antenna built-in.

I tried it and it actually works brilliantly, so it’s the solution for those wanting to play all Angry Birds with Magic levels available in the game, as you can see in the video I’ve made.

Unfortunately, it’s still only 20 levels, and I’ve passed them in just one day, so the ultimate solution was to buy from the Nokia Store the full Angry Birds game that Rovio made available for the N9 recently.

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One Response to “Unlock all Angry Birds with Magic NFC levels”

  1. Yumi Says:

    This worked for me too! Thanks!

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