Branded Android smartphones

Some (or probably most) carriers around the world sell their Android devices with custom firmwares that usually bring the operator’s applications and branded theme. This allows the customer to use some of the carrier specific services.

The problem is that most of the times branding:

– implies the phone is always running some background process or services which always use some RAM and CPU cycles even when you don’t use or need it, as you can see below

– is frequently not very well implemented, so the phone is usually slower or unstable as you can see in the next picture

In case the customer doesn’t want to use the carrier services, or want to free some memory, or save the CPU some unnecessary work, in most cases he just can’t simply uninstall the software since that possibility is most of the times disabled!

If carrier’s want to put their own software in the devices it’s their choice to do that, but I believe everyone would be happier with, at least, an uninstall option to remove some of the bloatware they usually end up putting in the phones. Besides that, they can always provide the customer with the option to install the operator’s software from the Android Market. I think that would serve better everyone’s interest!


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