Where is the Android Market update?

One of the cool Android features is the ability Google has to push the Android Market updates directly to the devices without requiring any user interaction.

Google announced back in July a completely revamped Android Market and it was said this update would rollout in the following weeks to the devices around the world.

The not so cool thing is that more than 2 months after the original announcement I still have the 2.3.6 version of the Android Market as you can see in the picture.

I asked other Android users and found out that none of them actually received the Android Market update, so they also have version 2.x instead of the fresher 3.x.

After some internet research I realized that most impatient users have installed the update by downloading it manually from some websites, but I personally prefer to trust the automatic update from Google rather than downloading it from some shady source.

I really don’t get why Google is taking so much time to rollout this update to everyone, they probably should offer a manual “search for updates” button to force it to update. I would also like to have the option to disable the automatic update feature.


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